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  • How do I make an appointment?
    To make an appointment at Santry GP Clinic please call us on the number at the bottom of every page. There is now an online appointment booking system, Chatbot, on our Home page. Alternatively, you can use the form on the Appointments page.
  • Can I ask a medical query by email?
    No, we request that you do not email us with any medical queries or send images (unless requested to do so). Email is not suitable for acute medical issues as queries may not be answered in a timely manner. We ask that you contact us by phone and persevere if the line is busy, see below.
  • What if I can't get through to the surgery by telephone?
    Please be patient with us. We know that the phone lines can be very busy but we endeavour to answer all calls. If our lines are busy, this means that we are taking other calls and you will be answered in rotation.
  • How do I request my repeat prescription?
    You can request your repeat prescription using the Repeat Prescriptions form on our homepage or through the Chatbot app. Please allow 48 hours to process your request.
  • How do I register for a medical card?
    If you are applying for a medical card, please complete a registration form for you, and your family, and return the form to reception. You will then be given an appointment to meet Dr. McGrath to complete the application process. To register for a medical card please download the form here, fill it out and bring it to Santry GP Clinic to have it signed. Or apply online Select Dr. Karen McGrath as your GP of choice You will still be required to meet the doctor to complete the registration process.
  • How do I apply for Under 6 DVC for my child?
    Visit to register your child/children. To register you will need: Your Child or Children’s PPS number Your PPS number and contact details Select Dr. Karen McGrath as your GP of choice
  • How do I get a sick cert?
    Patients requiring a sick note for work or an education institution must attend the doctor’s surgery in person and be seen by the doctor who can then certify them. Call the clinic to make an appointment, our number is at the bottom of every page.
  • How do I get my forms filled in?
    If you are already a registered patient of the clinic, there may be no need to book a doctor’s appointment for form filling. Please deliver the form and provide any relevant information to Reception. Allow 2-5 days for the completion of the form, the time allowed depends on the complexity of the form.
  • Do you do house calls?
    Yes we do house calls to the elderly who may be without transport, patients who are immobilised or have physical disability and patients who are severely unwell.
  • How do I give feedback or make a complaint?
    We always try to give our patients the best care possible but there may be times when you feel this has not happened. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and valued. If you have a complaint about your care we need to hear from you so that we can learn lessons, thereby continuously improving our care of patients. We have a written procedure in the Practice to ensure that we manage complaints in the most effective way, to the highest standard and we hope to the satisfaction of our patients - you can access it on the Practice Policies page (at the bottom of all pages).
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